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My Fox Cub Fun

I ended up in a very snowy forest. I saw millions of baby fox cubs playing with their mums. They all ran away when I came near them all except one. I named her Lincey. She had a tiny spot on her back. The mum started to get a little bit worried but she realised I wasn't going to do any harm.

Suddenly, all the foxes started jumping on me. I thought they were attacking me, but they started licking me so I knew they weren't. I saw the door behind me. I went back through it.

The next morning, I went for another walk in the woods. I saw the door again. I went back through it… I was back in the snowy forest. I saw the foxes playing again, they didn't run away this time. I think the foxes liked me! I went further into the shadowy trees…

It went dark all of a sudden. I decided to turn back, but I wanted to find out what was down there. I will keep going, I thought to myself, there might be something interesting down there. The sun came back out again. I thought I should play with the foxes. I asked them if they wanted to play chase. They talked in front of my eyes!

They all wanted to play chase. The mum wanted to sit down, she was tired from all the walking. We played chase all afternoon. Then it was time for me to go. I said goodbye to my new friends and travelled back to the door and went back home.

The next afternoon I went back through the door but I couldn't see the foxes anywhere. I went back to where we were playing yesterday, still no foxes. All of a sudden I heard a howl, it was coming from above the tree we were playing under yesterday.

I looked up, I saw the foxes, they were stuck in a cage! I thought quickly, I needed to climb the tree. I found a sharp piece of wood and climbed the tree… At first I thought I was going to fall but I got the hang of it. I got to the top. I cut the rope with my sharp twig… The cage fell to the snowy ground. It burst open and the foxes were free, I climbed back down from the top of the tree and we played all afternoon.

From that day onwards I visited the foxes every day and they were always there to welcome me.

by Jesscia Doughty
Cherry Orchard Primary School, Worcester

Competition - My First Story 2017

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