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Connor's Jungle Story

Emma and Ben were transferred to a green jungle. 'Is this a jungle?' said Emma.

'It looks like a maze,' said Ben, wondering where he was. 'Are they vines?' asked Ben.

Then, while they were going through the jungle, they saw a terrifying snake. Emma and Ben screamed as loud as they could. 'Argh!'

Then the snake chased them and they ran out of breath and lost the snake, but kept running because the snake might catch up.

'Are you a friendly lion?' asked Ben.

'Yes,' said the lion. 'I know a snake is chasing you,' said the lion, 'hop on my back.'

'What's that around your neck?' asked Ben.

'A mane,' replied the lion. 'Hold on,' said the lion.

'Thanks for the ride,' said Emma and Ben.

Then they swung all the way to the magic, wooden door. The magic door took them home.

by Connor Gregory
Marsh Green Primary School, Wigan

Competition - My First Story 2017

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