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Millie's Jungle Story

... an amazing magnificent jungle with cheeky, busy monkeys swinging from tree to tree, long, fat snakes slithering in the grass and sweet succulent mangoes hanging from the trees. Emma and Ben stood there in shock. 'This must be magic!' gasped Emma in amazed.

'Let's play on the vines,' said Ben joyfully.

'OK,' replied Emma.

They swung and swung on until they bumped into a long, green snake. He was very angry and chased after them. They had to run as fast as they could because the snake was snapping at their ankles. 

Just at that moment a gigantic orangutan jumped out of the trees and pulled them up in the trees. The children were shaking with fright.

'Don't be scared of me,' said the orangutan softly. 'My name is Gigantopithicus. It means tremendously big. That snake you bumped into was one of the king's servants. That's why he chased you away.'

'Could you give us a ride on your back?' asked Ben. He had already started to like the orangutan but Emma wasn't so sure. They had so much fun riding on his back.

They looked at their watches and saw it was 11.50am. They had to be back by 12pm so they asked the orangutan to ride them to the magic door. They opened the door and rushed home.

by Millie Sharma
Cranbrook Primary School, llford

Competition - My First Story 2017

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