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The Higgeldy, Piggeldy Puff

Higgeldy, a short, cute alien, was walking down the
street when he saw the opportunity to make
mischief. With my super strong breath, I will blow
away that boy's ice cream, he thought to himself.
With one puff, the ice cream went flying through
the air. All of a sudden, the sky turned dark.
'Uh-oh, looks like I caused another storm,' Higgeldy
Was this what he wanted all along?
'Ha, ha,' Higgeldy cackled.
This could be the reason he was kicked out of
Mercury in the first place! The storm laughed at
Higgeldy as lightning struck. Flash!

by Ab Sa Marite Nembhard (10)
Haberdashers' Aske's Hatcham Temple Grove, New Cross

Competition - Crazy Creatures

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