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The Battle For Colour

Woolmonkeye admired the world of Colour-bomb.
Suddenly, he heard a vibrating noise. 'Join the
world of dull!' growled Zongo from his spacecraft.
Nobody moved. A world without colour would be
unthinkable. Woolmonkeye couldn't let his foe win.
Zongo's squad got out their grey-sheen guns to
transform the galaxy to grey. Woolmonkeye shook
his colour-splatting arms in retaliation. Zongo and
his team were covered in multicolours from head
to toe.
Woolmonkeye was then known as Colour-king.
Zongo and his troops were banned from the Colourbomb
Galaxy. Colour is important to us because it
makes our world unique, bright and wonderful.

by Lois Margaret Anne Moore (10)
Portstewart Primary School, Portstewart

Competition - Crazy Creatures

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