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The Alien In Our School

A gigantic, greedy alien,
Has come into our school,
Sickly, slimy, sticky skin,
Its colour is baby blue.

It also has orange polka dots,
Over its snotty skin,
And can be very scary,
It's boggle-eyed and dim.

Its body is very wobbly,
Like jelly on a plate!
And makes you very petrified,
It uses worms as bait.

'Aaargh!' all the children screamed,
Who bumped into him that day,
'A fat nosed monster!' they declared,
And decided to run away.

'I only want to make a friend'
The alien said, as he cried.
'We're sure you want to eat us!'
The children all replied.

A gigantic, greedy alien,
Who's really very shy,
Wept lovely beautiful crystal gems,
Whenever he would cry.

by Danita Edinborough (0)
Rednal Hill Junior School, Birmingham

Competition - Out Of This World

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