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The Faraway Dream

Have you heard of a place quite faraway
Where fairies dance and mermaids play,
Where dolphins dip and dive in the turquoise sea
And pixies giggle in willow trees?
A place where unicorns toss back their sparkly pink
While sprites sit in circles making daisy chains?
Suddenly, I can feel my feet off the ground, I'm heading
to the sky,
Then I realise I'm being carried by a swarm of beautiful
After a while, I fly back down
And in the distance I hear a ticking sound.
It is a clock and it chimes,
I know it must be time.
For this is the moment I dread,
When I realise it's just a dream and wake up in bed.

by FfiƓn Eve Parry (10)
Clarendon Junior School, Todworth

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

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