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Nightmares And Dreams

Safe and happy under a large oak tree
Where nothing at all can harm me.
Then suddenly I'm beneath a starless sky
Where creatures and monsters will make me cry.
Dancing with fairies and flying with wings
Potions that do the most amazing things.
Running and screaming, my heart beating fast
Vampires and ghosts, the worst coming last.
Candyfloss trees and cool chocolate lakes,
Cookies and sweeties, ice cream with flakes.
Horrors and terrors that haunt every night,
Bats and witches that launch into flight.
Blissful sleep, full of my dreams
And restless nights, containing my screams.
The things in my mind; creatures in my head,
Travel with me every moon, when I'm tucked up in bed.
Will it be good or will it be bad?
Kind little elves or murderers long past mad?
I never can tell but of one thing I'm sure
I'll awake in my room, glad there's no more.

by Lottie Mills (11)
Oakhill CE Primary School, Radstock

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

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