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The Deep Blue Sea

The deep blue sea is a wonderful place,
Thousands of miles of wide open space.
An endless world is there for me,
Swimming happy, swimming free.
Many different fish pass me by,
A rainbow of colours catches my eye.
The seabed floor like a garden of the ocean,
Gently swaying in a back and forth motion.
A fish swims by and the garden comes alive,
The underwater creatures all battling to survive.
I swim for many miles searching for a meal,
Stingrays, squid or perhaps a tasty seal.
A surface breech for some much-needed air,
My eyes dazzled by the sunset's beautiful glare.
But for me this is now just a distant memory,
Since man came along and captured me.
In a tiny tank I am put on display,
Same routine, just a different day.
My heartfelt memories cause such pain,
How I long to swim in the ocean again.

by Ben Goodison Kirkham (10)

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

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