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Under The Bed

As I wake up, my feet touch the floor,
I stretch my arms, yawn,
But this ordinary moment is about to end,
I am dragged underneath my bed!
I find myself on a Pegasus called Brett,
Elegantly, she gallops on swift hooves,
Wings beat and glimmer,
Sapphire lakes shine and shimmer.
She soon begins to fly and I feel so free,
I hold onto her red and gold mane,
Billowing like fire
And she starts to drop down to the level ground.
But I scream and shout as we approach a cliff,
But she doesn't stop, not one little bit
And as I stare with my streaming eyes
To the winking stars…
I wake up, bewildered, in my bed.
Was it a dream?
Under my bed I look. Nothing.
Maybe I'll never know…

by Zahra Ali (11)
Batley Grammar School, Carlinghow Hill

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

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