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Lost In Imagination

When I gaze around to my left and right,
You wouldn't believe what comes to sight.
Twisted trees and rough muddy ground,
The birds' tweeting makes a lovely sound.
In front of my eyes, appears a creature not wide or tall,
Nor thin nor small.
It seems that it is lovely and bright,
On this dark, cold, sombre night.
The moon beams down on my face,
As white as the very thread of a caterpillar's lace.
Crack! The leaves crunch beneath my feet,
Drip! The rain begins to fall like a sheet.
As soon as one creature's gone
Another comes to say hi,
Some stand, sit or even lie.
I love where dreams can take me,
Meeting things I would never see.
But now it's time to open my eyes,
And win every human's prize.

by Jessica May Hourigan (10)
St Paul's Catholic Primary School, Leeds

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

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