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The Magical Glitter Trial

In a dream of winter
Cold and bitter
In the snow
I saw some glitter.
I followed the trail
Into the forest deep
Was this a dream?
Was I asleep?
I followed the trail
For what seemed like a day
Was there something magic at the end?
Who could say?
I stopped by the tree
Of the old acorn
When through the snow
I saw a unicorn.
The glitter came from
Its flowing hair,
It danced and floated
Through the winter air.
I watched the unicorn,
With a surprised stare,
But when I blinked,
It was no longer there.
When I woke to my surprise,
What did I see before my eyes?
Was it a dream? Was it real?
This magical glitter trail.

by Aimee Craven (9)
St Joseph's Primary School, Bessbrook

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

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