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The Minotaur

Slumbering into an awesome, magical, mythical land
Lots of happy, tiny dwarfs, running around
Flashes of ginger beards and red curly hair
Running around on their tiny legs
Tall, colourful, talking flowers
Chasing each other like cheetahs
Shining stars winking at me
Saying, 'Come and play.'
Magnificent, half-man Minotaur
Galloping across the vast plains
Sparkling patterns like kaleidoscopes
Chasing around my brain
Swooped up onto the Minotaur's back
Riding high with joy
Feeling I could touch the sky
As the sunset glistened on my back
I woke with a start
Still in my comfortable bed
Oh my, I thought
What a courageous adventure I'd had.

by Zaib Un Nisa (11)
Westwood Primary School, Oldham

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

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