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Out Of The Darkness

Out of the darkness you will see,
a monster appeared to follow me,
it followed me as I walked my dog,
it followed me through the rain and fog,
it followed me home and up to my room,
it cast a grey shadow as big as the moon,
I tried to reach out and touch it with my hand,
but before I could it turned to sand,
I looked down at the floor and all I could see,
was a pile of red raging eyeballs staring at me.
I could not believe what was happening right then,
I glanced up at the clock and it said half-past ten,
I felt a warm hand stroke across my forehead,
It was my mum, I was actually safe in my bed!

by James Wood (9)
Malmesbury CE Primary School, Tetbury Hill

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.