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The Midnight Polar Bear

When dusk arrives,
And the silver moon sparkles and shines,
And glitter falls,
From within the sky,
A little visitor arrives,
Deep within the starry night,
The tinkle of a little bell,
A warm and sweet familiar smell,
A creak comes from my teal door,
And in pops a glossy, white paw,
Next I see a shiny, black nose,
Sniffing for safety I suppose,
Then two warm chocolate-brown eyes,
And glossy paws of a magnificent size,
He pads over to the side of my bed,
As I pat him gently on the head,
I feel like I am filled with sparks of light,
And no longer afraid of the night,
He grows wings that glisten like a pot of gold,
I now feel magically brave and bold,
We sit there holding hands,
As he flies me away to magical lands,
Icy frosticles hang from the sky,
As I've made a friend, my polar bear and I.

by Maddie Pearce (10)
Thornton College, Buckingham

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

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