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The Conflict Of The Mind

The whirlwind of emotions that dwell within,
I feel trapped and cannot escape from the storm,
The roaring wind, the battering rain,
The rumbling thunder of my thoughts,
How is it possible that I should feel so caught?

For calmness I seek, for peace I long,
But the raging war still battles on.
When will the forecast be sunny and bright?
When can I remove the coat of depression
And sadness and find light?

I picture the torrents of the sea as the wind howls,
The sand saturated by the rainfall,
The clouds grey and dismal,
The litter and rubbish of trivial thoughts swirling against the strong breeze,
The battle of trials and tribulations in my mind and freeze.

It is clear how such hardship is necessary,
With the storm comes the calm,
The hope and freedom like the birth of a newborn lamb.
I am stronger and the sun is out,
The sea of struggle is still, the sand of sorrow is shimmering,
The conflict is beaten, it is no longer hindering.

I am changed, I am made new,
My mind is rejuvenated and vivid as the bright blue sky,
The cloud of thought is radiant and pure,
Through the conflict I have found a cure,
Still and serene, my mind is no longer obscure.

by Olivia Smyth (0)
Coleraine High School, Coleraine

Competition - War Of Words

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