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My Magical Adventure

Miss McGonagle and me,
Went for a stroll and rested by a tree.
There on the floor, sparkling in the grass,
Was a stone filled with gems and little bits of brass.
We both bent down and held it in our hands,
When an ear-splitting noise, like a hundred brass
Filled up our heads, as we teleported through the sky,
Filled with swirly, coloured patterns, as we flew so high.
The next thing we know, we were in a magical place,
That smelt of freshly cooked cookies, that put a smile
on my face.
There were marshmallow-coloured trees and flowers
made of healthy sweets
And the air was filled with tinkly sounds and funky
jungle beats.
There were fairies zooming everywhere, with yellow,
sparkling wings,
A truly fandabbydosey place full of magical things.
We both looked at each other, flabbergasted and
stared ahead in awe,
We both had wings too and flapped them and our feet
lifted off the floor.
We chased the flying fairies and had fun throughout
the day,
We munched on sweetie flowers, but knew we couldn't
With the stone held in one hand, we wished that we
were back,
And in a flash and on two feet, we landed with a
'How amazing, I'm astonished!' Miss McGonagle said.
'After all that playing I'm tired out and ready for my
As we walked off, the stone dropped out, falling to the
Waiting for the next person to spot it, who might be
walking past.

by Amber Perry (7)
Wolverton Primary School

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.