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One Little Letter

One Little Letter

He works his hardest, all day and all night
Through pages and pages of notes that he writes.
He's not doing well, even though they tell him an A is good.
But an A isn't good, A isn't well done!
A is C, D, F; it means you're the one who couldn't quite get
to the top.
Got the wrong impression, missed too many questions
So now you'll have to stop dreaming of universities like
Cambridge and Oxford
Because if you can't tick their 3 A* box, then your luck is
Doing your best isn't good enough.
Right? Wrong, but he's still strung along.
Caffeine-rich coffee and energy drinks
Skipping on meals and missing out sleep
He thinks this will help, but it never will
At the end of the day it just makes him ill.
Schedule's full but there's still more to do,
More projects needed in order to
Stand out from the crowd and make himself proud.
More and more stress
And he still has no rest.
It's August now so he consults
A brown paper envelope containing results,
But his heart starts to break as he looks inside -
Nothing less than a C, but he feels no pride.
A C isn't a pass; to him, C is a fail.
Gone are the days when students would hail a C, an A or a B
If it's not A* then there's nothing to see.
He worked his hardest, all day and all night
But he could've done better, gone up one more letter!
Maybe he's just not that bright.
One day he'll see that there's more to be made
Of life, than just striving for one little grade.
That life is laughter, making memories for after the day falls
to night.
Just whatever feels right.
These are the things that let you go far
Because bright means more than just an A*.

© Daisy Twizell

by Daisy Twizell (11)
Isle Of Man

Competition - Busta Rhyme

Copyright remains with the author.