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The Cheetah Who Went to Sea

Once a cheetah, Toby
Lived in a trunk of a tree.
The tree was hollow of course
Or it wouldn't be very comfy.
Based in the tree he hatched an idea,
This cheetah would sail to the sea!
Floating alone on his mobile home,
He had travelled far,
Quite a long while.
Then, what did he see
Bobbing around in the sea
But a hungry and snappy crocodile!
Toby panicked and paddled
And turned the boat around
Away from his green, scaly foe.
Safe from the reptile he sighed with relief,
To safety, the shore he would go.
He ran it aground
And was pleased by the sound
Of cheetahs thumping around.
Toby called to his friends,
'Guys, this is the end!
I'm not going to sea again!'

by David Goodwin (7)
Priorslee Academy, Priorslee

Competition - Poetry Safari

Copyright remains with the author.