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When I Sleep...

I fall into my soft pillow,
My eyes heavy with sleep,
Blinking away the worries of the day,
I start counting sheep.
The dazzling sky as blue as the sea,
The gentle breeze tickles my face,
Seagulls are shouting in the distance,
I'm in my favourite place.
Sweeping waves along the shore,
Sand burning my soles,
Wriggling worms at the end of my feet
Making a pattern of holes.
Splashing waves like a seal at the zoo,
Slapping down hard on the sea,
Raising my flippers to cover my head,
As the water jumps back on me.
Drying myself in the heat of the sun,
I see a train of ice cream:
Bubblegum, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla,
All jostling to be seen.
Licking my lips as the sun is setting,
A warm glow fills my heart,
The resplendent sky; a rainbow of colours,
A siren! A shock! A start!
Suddenly aware of my name being called,
Suddenly aware of a light
Reluctantly, I open my eyes
I guess that's the end of the night.

by Finola McIntyre
Springmead Primary School, Welwyn Garden City

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

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