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The Tooth Fairy

While I was eating I heard a crack
And everyone went silent,
We all stayed quiet for a while,
The crack sounded rather violent.
I felt a rather hard and solid stone in my mouth,
Then I started to pout!
I knew what it was, I knew what had happened,
My tooth had fallen out!
It hurt so bad, I was in pain and really, really scared
I screamed and shouted so loud,
But no one really cared!
My mum shouted, 'What's wrong? What's up?'
As I dropped my tooth into a cup.
'It's fine!' she said, 'you'll get money!'
I just thought what she said was really funny!
Later that night, I went to bed,
And thoughts of excitement filled my head.
I tucked my tooth under my pillow,
All ready for the tooth fairy, Willow.
I took my note that I wrote and put it with my tooth,
Hoping for Willow to write back,
She always tells the truth.
Willow is my one special tooth fairy,
She is small and sparkly and not very hairy.
That night in bed, I dreamt of Willow, the magical creature,
But my dream turned to a nightmare, about my teacher!
I woke the next morning,
Still tired and yawning
And under my pillow I could see
A gold dazzling coin shining at me.
Willow had been, hip hip hooray!
And that's the end of my poem today!

by Cassie Griffiths
Ysgol Y Lawnt, Tredegar

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

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