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Jogging through the tunnel
Ready to defeat
Along with other faces
Waiting to compete.
I head towards the sun
Voices around me roar
Excitement deep inside me
I really need to score.
My team is close to falling
It's relegation time
This match is the decider
The pressure feels all mine.
I'm nervous, excited, scared
On the pitch, bright green and wide
The huge crowd is just a blur
I've got great players on my side.

Ninety hard minutes pass like lightning
Not one ball into either net
Neither team show signs of weakness
But it's not over yet!
Someone passes me the ball
I race forward in long strides
The keeper's in my sight
I take a shot with pride.
The ball flies through the air
Like a bullet from a gun
Into the top left corner
This now means we've won!
The team all come together
The whistle blows above the screams
Ecstatic that we're safe
My happiest of dreams.
I love football with a passion
No I'm not a boy!
Some ten-year-old girls prefer fashion
But sport gives me the most joy!

by Lwle Preston Yates
Cundall Manor School, York

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

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