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My Nightmare At Hand

This is my tragic life, can't you see?
This is how catastrophic it can be!
Every night, every day,
The bloodthirsty lie in wait, like I'm their prey!
A heavy sky casts a shadow over me,
The ebony blackness had imprisoned my ability to see,
Crimson blood oozing from my veins,
A spine-chilling breeze makes me cry in pain!
Squelching auburn muck, someone's close!
I try to hide, I have nowhere to go,
My friends are dead, my parents are lost,
I feel a pang of sorrow, I am all alone.
Mahogany hills, deserted plains,
Stretch for miles on end, I have no escape!
Dead bodies are all around me,
I'm abandoned, petrified,
Yet I feel as if millions of eyes are watching me.

I solemnly weep, I cannot hide...
This pain and sorrow that lay inside,
A miniature knife pressed against my back!
They've found me, I am taken aback
The cruel knife pierces my skin,
My depressed soul snivels from within.
I gasp for air, it was only a dream,
But it seemed so real to me.

by Joshua Bray
Whittingham Primary Academy, London

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.