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The Dream

Cold, wet, windy and dark
Shaking like a rabbit scared
Hiding behind a tree's thick bark
I could feel how the monster stared
Running, running full of fear
The big, black animal with yellow eyes
Was breathing in my ear
My blood was freezing to ice
As I fell I heard myself scream
Sweaty and shivering up I sat
Was it real or just a dream?
A creak! What was that?
There's a shadow through the door
Now even the moon looked scared
I saw the head of a big dinosaur
The nightmare the moon and I now shared

Reveal, reveal yourself, I thought
It jumped up near my hiding place
If closer it came it could be caught
Then I saw its face
A loud noise, purr, purr
All the upset for that?
Cuddles and lots of fur
No scary dream, just the cat!

by Lucas Maule
Vinehall School, Robertsbridge

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

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