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An ocean of black swirls around like ink
It consumes me as swift as lightning
A dark swelling fear of a nightmare
Until golden lights burst out like a flare
Escaping finally, I fall into a dream
And see mountains dusted with white whipped cream
Tree trunks made from dark chocolate logs
With leaves moulded from sweet butterscotch
Deeper in lie crystal lakes
Vineyards ripe with juicy grapes
Unicorns gallop, their fur smooth like silk
Sparkling pure, clear and white like milk
Amongst these many beautiful sights
A rippling silver, reflecting the light
Of a mythical dragon preparing for flight
So as I climbed on, I keep my grip tight

As the sun settles on the horizon, we fly
Through drifting clouds and the turquoise-blue sky
But past all this is growing black
Waiting grimly to take me back...

by Gracie Townson
St Peter & St Paul CE Primary School, Bexhill-On-Sea

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

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