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From Dream To Nightmare

Oh, what a weird feeling on my back,
I feel like more muscles grew.
Might not help to put on a backpack
But could be the key to meet St Andrew.
I open my eyes expecting to see
The brand-new body of a superhero
But surprisingly what's in front of me
Is dark, so dark I can't see my toe.
I must be under my cover, I think
I can just push it away
As I move my arm, in the time of a blink
I realise I've got six limbs.
I eventually get out of my sheets
And look right over to my back
But to my surprise, instead of my skin
I see two wings, transparent with lines of black.

I fly to school, my wings flapping loudly
And see Mrs Gordon, the dreaded teacher
So no hesitation, I fly right to her
And sting her till she cries out.
But a voice comes out of nowhere
And it is as sharp as a glass
It says, 'You are suspended for five days
And it serves you right for sleeping in class.'

by Armel Guillet-Delisle
Auchinloch Primary School, Glasgow

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

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