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World On Clouds

Come with me to a magical dreamland where...
Fairies sing on flowers twirling,
Stems of ivy sweep and dance;
Cheerful melodies fly to my ears from chocolate flutes;
Joy bounces out of me and explodes everywhere!
Gobstoppers slide off treetops landing in chocolate bunnies' baskets;
Gnomes play catch with scoops of chocolate ice cream which they sometimes sneakily eat!
Whoosh! The winds sway in a gentle breeze that happily whirls past me;
Stars glow and sway in the dark, beautiful sky
Like little fireflies buzzing here and there;
Scarlet mushrooms with white polka dots grow so tall
That compared to the mushrooms, the fairies look like ants;
Unicorns' bright pink hair is a bed for the butterflies
And their swishing multicoloured tail is a slide for them too;

Dwarfs ride on unicorns towards the sunset-coloured scene;
Birds tweeting far and near, rivers flowing with dark and light chocolate
Seagulls swooping over waterfalls, I wish this land was my home!

by Reet Kothari
Reach Academy, Feltham

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

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