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My Poem

A little rainbow alien came screaming in my dream,
She was called Squiggle, who does a little wiggle.
When somebody's in trouble, Princess Unicorn comes
At the double, at any sign of trouble.
She cried as softly as a whispering wind,
Squiggle shouted as the emoji maker disappeared.
In a spin to the chocolate cave,
Unicorn flew across the deep, dark sky,
Tears dripping as she started to cry.
A voice as deep as a black hole sounded.
The moon was concerned as Unicorn bounded.
They zoomed to the Planet of Jelly Sharks
And found the emoji maker playing in the park.
She had been captured by the jelly sharks
And locked in a liquorice prison.
She didn't do anything, there was no reason!
But she ate liquorice bars and got free,s
She had a wee laugh, 'Hee, hee, hee.'
We all jumped on Princess Unicorn's back,
She flew high in the sky and followed the track.
We all got home safely, as tired as a teacher,
Squiggle was happy and I was a preacher!

by Abbie McCann
Malvern Primary School, Belfast

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.