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Spider Saves The Day!

Chip chocolate lion running behind my back,
Sprinting like crazy on the track,
I can't see what's coming,
All that matters is running.
I feel very scared so I stare in front of me,
Oh no! There's a cliff, but wait, I cannot see,
I don't know what will happen to me,
I hope I am OK, I hope, I pray, I plea.
I'm going to fall, oh no, help me!
But I see that he is so close to me!
Splat! I am stuck in glue,
Oh no! Boo, hoo, hoo!
He falls off the cliff, down and down he goes,
I hope that horrible smell doesn't hurt his nose,
I cannot get out of this sticky, sticky glue,
I feel like this is my death cue.

I feel wind a-blowing,
The worst thing is the unknowing,
I am going forward, about to tumble down,
I hope I don't fall like a clown.
This is the end I fear,
My death is near,
But then a spindly spider comes behind my back,
I thought he was going to attack!
Instead, he pulls back with all his might,
That gives me a bit of a fright!
The glue comes unstuck and I fall back,
I wake up in the morning, in my cul-de-sac.

by Adam Gray
Cedars School Of Excellence, Renfrewshire

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

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