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Destruction and chaos
Follow its path.
Innocent people suffer its wrath.
It's diligent, ruthless,
Far from grace. It forces us into death's embrace.
What transpires is misery, confusion,
The hope of it ending all an illusion.
It makes no sense,
It lacks all sanity.
It makes us lose faith in what's left of humanity.
Saying 'Lest we forget',
Does not right the wrong;
As we haven't forgotten, yet it's still going on.
It spreads like disease,
As fast as a plague,
With the reason for fighting, evermore vague.
It's a cancer, a blemish,
A blot on a page,
With a story, a plotline, the world as its stage.
From the depths of Hell, It has been picked.
Humanity's downfall:

by Sophie Evison (0)
Wyke Sixth Form College, Hull

Competition - War Of Words

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