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Cheeky Frog

Once upon a time a beautiful princess was celebrating her 7th birthday by having a royal ball. The queen bought her a scooter, the king bought her a bunch of roses and the prince bought her a very cheeky frog! Now, this is where the trouble begins! The cheeky frog leapt out of his box and knocked over the princess' birthday cake. The icing, chocolate and cream splattered everything and everyone.
Next, the cheeky frog hopped over all the princess' birthday presents and tore the wrapping paper. Then he jumped on the banquet table and knocked all the cups and plates onto the floor. Crash, bang, splat! The music stopped, everyone went silent and stared at the frog in astonishment. The princess cried, the king and queen were cross and the prince ran away to hide because he was miserable as the frog ruined the ball. The prince looked round in his hiding place and there was the frog. So he decided to chat to the frog. The prince said, 'Why did you spoil the princess' party? When I bought you from the pet shop the person said you were a nice, cheeky frog.' 
The frog said, 'The loud music and the crowds of people frightened me. I leapt out of my box to run away to hide, but everything was in my way and I crashed and banged and knocked things over. I didn't mean to spoil the ball, I'm sorry.'
The prince said, 'I'll look after you, climb in my pocket and we'll go back to the ball and find the princess.'
The princess loved her cheeky frog now he wasn't so scared.

by Leilah Rose Charters
Deal Parochial CE Primary School, Deal

Competition - My First Story 2017

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