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Candy Land

On the other side they went into a world full of candy. The trees were made of lollipops, the clouds were made of marshmallows, there were liquorice flowers and golden paths made of honeycomb.
There were also gingerbread people everywhere. Emma and Ben spoke to one who was passing and he shouted, 'Run! The Candy Popper's here!'
'The Candy Popper? What's that?' said Emma.
'He's the fiercest, greediest monster there is and he's slowly gobbling up our valley!'
'We have to stop him!' Emma and Ben shouted together.
The gingerbread man pointed and said, 'He's that way, eating Candy Castle, the home of King Coconutty, Queen Caramella and the wizard, Whizpop.'
Emma and Ben found the Candy Popper eating the wafer walls of the castle. 'Get away from there!' shouted Emma.
The monster growled and stomped towards them. He grabbed Ben and Emma and stuffed them into his mouth. He then pulled a face and spat them out again. 'Yuck!' he shouted.
He melted down into a puddle of chocolate.
The wizard, Whizpop appeared, clapping and shouted, 'Well done! You've broken the spell the evil witch, Sharon Sherbert, cast on us. She sent Candy Popper to eat our land forever because we wouldn't let her rule Candy Land so she tried to destroy it.'
King Coconutty and Queen Caramella gave them medals of bravery and said they were welcome in Candy Land any time. Whizpop the wizard granted them three wishes. Ben wished for a new TV. Emma wished to be a star runner and of course they both wished for free sweets for life.
With that, the wizard Whizpop waved his liquorice wand and sent them back home.

by Jessica Jean Sanders
The Federation Of Greenways School, Southend-On-Sea

Competition - My First Story 2017

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