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Veltadron, The Dragon Of Death

There was a dragon staring me down,
In the middle of a small town.
The town was quiet, no one to be seen,
Just me and the dragon, who was big and green.
This dragon behaved like a tetchy teen,
Cruel, evil, grumpy and mean.
His wings much larger than two towers,
He must have many magical powers.
I tried to escape but he wouldn't let,
He was chasing me, without breaking a sweat.
Veltadron made a supersonic roar,
Set off and he made a magnificent soar.
We started to battle, a battle to death,
I didn't have time to take a breath,
I stared at him and he did it too,
But then, oh no, I needed the loo.

Veltadron started spitting bombs and snakes,
Fire was everywhere, fire he makes.
His wings and limbs all shrunk back down,
As he transformed into a tiny, terrifying clown.
He was so small, impossible to see,
A shape-shifter he had to be.
Suddenly, we were on the moon,
I thought that we were in a cartoon.
Veltadron punched me through the moon,
As the clock struck twelve, bang on noon,
Swiftly… chomp! I was dead.
My blood all over the moon, it spread,
Just like butter on my warm bread.
I woke up and fell out of my bed,
Luckily, though, I wasn't dead!
Promptly, I ran downstairs,
There was my mum, with angry glares.
Once again, I was late for school,
Twice in a week, that's not cool!
Mum and Dad were extremely sad,
My sister was laughing, which made me mad.

by Avik Bahl
Clifton College Prep School, Bristol

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.