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The Things That Haunt Me

The depths of dark,
The striking bolts of thunder,
Creeping through my mind,
What will happen next...
Hanging from the ceiling,
Waiting to pounce,
Hundreds of eyes staring,
Fangs of a massive size,
Eight different legs waving in the air,
The body bobbing in the breeze.
Eerie music playing with your ears,
Doors opening, no one is there,
The shadows of creatures,
The cackle of the dark.
The red gloopy blood leaking,
Coffins here and everywhere,
The ringing gunshot piercing,
Skeletons lying there,
Your blood running cold.
Big, baggy clothes,
Shoes fit for a giant,
The puffiest hair imaginable,
The toot-toot of the horn.
All these things
Haunt me...

by Natasha Yallop
Broughton Fields Primary School, Milton Keynes

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

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