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I like adventures but not what I saw,
A big dragon as red as a solar eclipse,
Waving to me as if it wanted to talk.
He landed on the ground and made me wobble,
And asked me to come aboard in a rumbling sound,
A rock said I shouldn't go but the dragon insisted I should 'come'.
We flew up and down in the sky,
While dodging all the birds passing by,
I wished the adventure could last,
And, in seconds, we landed and the wind went past,
Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!
I saw his whelps which were as tall as a tree,
Their diamond shining eyes staring at me,
I went on my way and soon I found another dragon,
This time sitting in a wagon.
He was purple and yellow and very tall,
I went to his home which was a cave like a hall,
And he suddenly roared which woke me up.
That was my dream as I slept through the night,
I'm happy I found friends who can fly,
And when I'm sleepy I can close my eyes,
And go on this adventure again with the sunrise.

by Demario Campbell
Buxlow Preparatory School, Wembley

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

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