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Lost In The City!

It's late, I lie in my bed, it's night
Shadows line the walls of my room,
I reach to turn out the bedside light
I hope that sleep comes over me soon.
Narrow walkways, damp and cold,
I turn to find my mum's hand to hold,
But she's not there, it's so unfair, I'm lost.
Not knowing where I am,
Oh please help me find my dear old mam.
Busy streets, people rushing,
Greyed out faces, voices hushing,
I try to run in desperate search,
Why would she leave me in the lurch?
My legs like lead are moving slowly
On looking down, the pavements holey.
Falling quickly from a great height,
My heartbeat's faster, my head feeling light
I feel my body jolt and jump,
Then followed by a great, big bump
I wake up on my bedroom rug,
My mum runs in and we have a hug.

by Cassian Newsome (10)

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.