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The Secret Of The Dolphins

One day, I went on a fishing trip,
It was all nice and calm,
Until a huge wave came,
And I fell off the boat!
I was screaming and shouting for help,
But the boat was gone and I was not on it,
I felt like a ghost trapped in the sea,
Until I saw a shadow in the deep.
It was shark-shaped but not harming me,
A fin and circling around me,
It got closer and closer, I was worried
Will it eat me or leave me to freeze?
I was scared until it popped its head up,
And made a funny sound,
It was a dolphin, the King of the Sea,
And I felt like he would help me!
I held on to him to keep me afloat,
He pulled me under and he did a weird thing with his
Suddenly, I could breathe underwater
We plunged deeper and deeper into the abyss.
Until I saw an underwater village,
He dragged me into it,
A temple of all the dolphins awaited me,
As I swam in, they greeted me with a dance.
They swam round and round,
I was in my home with all of the animals,
Not just dolphins - turtles, fish, squid, whales
All of the deep sea creatures were all around me.
We played for hours and hours,
Until I was tired and ready to sleep,
I said goodbye to the village and animals,
And swam to the surface to catch the return boat.
I saw it quite near, glimmering on the horizon,
I grabbed on and a big wave hit me and,
Bang! I was in my bed awake, was it all a dream?
But I knew it wasn't because a drip dropped down my

by Samuel Checketts

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.