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The Abandoned Ship

As I dream,
I meander through the trees,
The foliage flails in the gentle breeze,
The saturated ground is covered in leaves.
As I dream,
The grass dances
Along the bank of the stream,
At the azure sky I glance.
As I dream,
The red-faced sun
Down on me.
As I dream,
The wind kisses my cheek
Calm it seems
Until it became bleak...
As I dream
It becomes as cold as ice,
As I trek
Through the forest I once deemed nice.
As I dream,
The clouds become enraged beasts
As I flee
In the general direction of East.
As I dream,
Thunder booms like a clash of armour
And what is seen
Is lightning that pierces the sky.
As I dream,
I stumble upon a ship
Empty it seems
I board it ready for a trip.
As I dream,
I explore the ship
And I learn
It is fully equipped.
As I dream
Silently I slip
Into a slumber
On the ship.
As I dream;
I hear intimidating voices say,
'Aye Cap'n, starboard it is,'
Pirates are here it seems.
As I dream,
The pirates find me,
They interrogate me
I know what I feel
As I dream
They say I should walk the plank
Into the oasis rising from the sandy wastelands
However, we hear a crash...
As I dream
Tempestuous and murky
The sea I have sailed on for days
Engulfs us in its waves.
As I awake;
The ship I had dreamed about,
Is sinking.

by Ruman Lali

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

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