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Death Is Always Near

Young men launch forward and run,
Whilst you stay back and wait for the gun.
Mowed down by bullets, they fall and cry,
As you look in search of a clear blue sky.

You've never waited so long in your life,
All you wish for is the safety of your child and wife.
Affected by bombs and the shock of war,
You expect the call from Heaven's door.

You know you can't hide, they'll find you soon,
Dawn's approaching fast, a last glimpse of the moon.
The setting is perfect, you're ready to die,
It was meant to be glorious not part of a lie.

I guess it wasn't intended that we understand,
I suppose that's why God created no-man's-land
Don't worry, don't panic, it would be against God's will,
To watch his people fade and the deathbeds fill.

You could run now, let all the pain end,
Or write a message to your loved ones, to send.
You flash back to reality, out of the dream,
War is not over, don't let them hear you scream.

by Paris Harland (0)
Sandringham School, St Albans

Competition - War Of Words

Copyright remains with the author.