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Twist Cottage

I woke up in my cosy bed,
Feeling a little unfed.
So I jumped out the door
And across the floor
And got myself a drink.
Then I saw what was wrong,
Struck like a ball in ping-pong.
The radiator felt like ice,
The food in the fridge didn't look nice.
This wasn't my house, it was an opposite world,
It made me sick and my eyes they swirled.
I felt so dizzy and there were rats!
I felt like I'd been hit by multiple baseball bats!
Trapped inside I fell on one knee,
I could never be set free.
The house gave a sinister smirk
And closed in on me, it was demonic work!
I tried to run but I hit my head
And woke up in a cosy bed.
Just a nightmare, should've known
Better tell Mum over the phone.

by Caedon O'Malley

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

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