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The Woods Beyond

As the sun set and the black starry blanket covered the
The moon arose from its deep sleep and guarded the
sleeping children,
I looked up to the sky, lying in bed,
I closed my eyes as I let myself be whisked away into
my dream,
Until I heard ruffling by my bed then a shadow loomed
over my eyelids,
I gasped for air as something grabbed me,
My eyelids fluttered open but it was too late,
I felt myself drifting on the clouds,
The bony beast dragged me across the sleeping sky,
I felt its bony fingers across my waist,
As I went down the air became shallow,
Outside the village beyond the woods,
The beast let go of me and threw me down,
I landed but in a world unknown,
The trees dead and their spindly fingers reached up to
the sky,
Everything black as the night grasped at its deathly
Danger was the scent,
Death was its name,
Darkness was its soul,
The only light was the moon as it cast a shadow across
the dusty floors,
Nothing lived here or so it seemed,
That's what it's like being taken in dreams.

by Lavinia Luque (9)

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

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