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Unicorn Dreams

As an icicle slipped from under my feet
I was thinking about the things we could meet
All I could hear was the howling snow
But there was still one thing I wanted to know
What was my unicorn thinking
As we tried to achieve his dreams?
But to get to the top of this mountain
Would be much harder than it seems
Crack! I looked to the side, and all I could see
A snow covered rock
From the ledges above
As it hurtled past my unicorn and me
I could see the wolves watching
The sound of their howls
Starting to grow
Hungrily waiting for us to fall
Into the valley below
At last, the top of the mountain, an incredible sight
The glinting of jewels
Revealed by the moon's beautiful light
Suddenly, I see a bridle made of gold
The perfect size for his strong unicorn neck
And sparkling reins for me to hold
A flash of light and wings appear
I jump on his back and we fly
Into the night and far from the treasure found here
Oh no, I'm falling... falling... falling...
Bump! I'm in my bed and now it's time for school!

by Rosie Lloyd

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

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