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Grey Land

I closed my eyes and the lights went dim
I saw nothing but the grey, sobbing sky
All my hopes of being safe had died
I was in the middle of nowhere
This place was as black as ebony
Nobody was with me
I could hear screams and cries
There was no sign of an animal here
Just the haunting scene of my own company
I heard footsteps
My heart was pounding
They got closer and closer
Louder and louder
Then I saw a mysterious soldier
A sword made out of fire in his hands
Gleaming like the sun in our world
How I wished I could hear the swishing of the trees in
the rain
To be back in my own colourful world
He grabbed his sword
Ready to end my life
I realised I was safe at home
And my life wasn't near its end at all!


by Tatyana Holdsworth (9)

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.