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The Land Of Dreams

As the sun goes down,
The Earth falls asleep,
You settle in bed
And start counting sheep.
Around you,
Your bed starts to shimmer and shake,
You are transported to a land
Which has a floor of cake!
The trees are like lollipops,
The houses of candy,
Never has something been
So very fine and dandy.
Suddenly, as quick as a flash,
You are in bed,
Heading to the land of cash.
Dollar bills on trees,
Coins on the wings of bees
And suddenly, in a fiery flare,
You are a great billionaire!
Then to the land of nightmares you head,
And your mind is filled with terror and dread.
Monsters are towering above you,
Their eyes blazing, their noses askew.
After this, you go somewhere else,
The land of books... it is filled with shelves.
Books about fairies, books about kings,
All of these stories are about different things.
After this night of great adventure,
You head to your bed
And no more do you venture.

by Jaya De Rycker

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

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