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Dream My Dream

D ay becomes night and I lay my head to rest
R ead chapters of my book with which I am obsessed
E very character from the pages are appearing in my
A s my eyes close I see magical wizards and witches
with warts
M agnificent sorcery, objects vanishing with a bang,
boom and crash!
M y heart is beating, I'm on a stage, people want
magic, I'll give it a bash
Y ay! shouts the Queen, as I pull a rabbit from my hat.
D ukes and soldiers are guarding the royals
standing around where they are sat
R unning around the stage performing my magic
E verybody loves it, no one thinks it is tragic
A wakened by my alarm I could not believe what I
have seen
M y dream was my dream!

by Sam Graff

Competition - Once Upon a Dream

Copyright remains with the author.