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How Do I Remember?

As I try to remember something I saw
My brain begins to whir until I am sure
The image is clear and visible to see
It is just amazing; how can it be?

It ties my past to the present day
It orders my thoughts so I know what to say
It builds me a framework for my tomorrow
So I can make use of all of the things that I know.

It's not something you can touch or feel
Though it is something, very real
My neural super computer tucked in my skull
Saves the memories of my life: it's never dull!

The web-like structure of scattered cells
Powered by electricity and magic spells
I create, I store and I recall
The internal processing just isn't small.

It seems to be so simple a thing
To remember something like a song to sing
But the steps that you take are very complex
Endless data and several cross checks.

No one really knows how it all works
With its idiosyncrasies and personal quirks
To come up with a theory that explains it all best
So we can understand remembering, is a life-long quest!

by Millie Moore (11)
Alderley Edge School For Girls, Cheshire

Competition - Out Of This World

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