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The Magic Teleporter

As the magic door swung open, a burst of colourful sparkles flew at the children. They gasped in amazement and were sucked in with a great gravitational force. They spun through the air, with rainbows and bright lights whirling around them, and Greensleeves playing.
They landed on a hard, iron floor underneath a laboratory bench. They quickly jumped up and saw a strange man with crazy hair doing a lot of experiments.
‘Excuse me, where are we?’ asked Emma nervously.
‘You are in my science lab!’ said the man. ‘My name is Albert Einstein. I have solved the theory of relativity and would rather do this fun new project which is my teleporter – can you help me?’
The children banged and clanged, adding 3.5 octillion multicoloured buttons. Professor Albert concentrated on making sure the device would take them to the correct parallel universe. Finally after hours of hard work, it was completed.
Emma and Ben spoke into a special megaphone to activate the machine, twisted a purple, glittery, hexagonal button and off they went!
They teleported themselves to Sweet Land, where unlike Earth, chocolate milkshake rivers flowed, surrounded by lollipop trees and candyfloss bushes. They wanted to eat everything! The children met Sherbert Holmes and helped him solve the mystery of the devious Sweet Stealer.
Professor Albert thanked them for helping him and teleported them back to the door in the tree. The children couldn’t believe what had happened, but then, Ben reached into his pocket and found a lollipop…


by Alex Diosi (7)
Jumeirah English Speaking School, Dubai

Competition - My First Story 2017

Copyright remains with the author.