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Betiel's Superhero Story

... a different world. It was sunny, it had lots of trees and playground around. Emma and Ben were smiling and they couldn't believe their eyes. The dog was jumping up and down.
Suddenly, they saw a man with a mask jumping over a house's fence, carrying a big bag. Emma and Ben looked at each other. Then the dog started barking and ran after the man. Emma and Ben started running too.
Finally, they reached the man and asked to see what he had in the bag. He put his head down and showed them the contents of the bag. It was full of shiny jewellery. Emma and Ben told him he should be sorry for his actions.
Emma and Ben had no other choice than taking him to the police station. The man was kept behind the bars where he had to think and regret his actions. Stealing is not good.
Emma, Ben and Superdog were so happy for doing a good job for that mystery place. They helped the world to become a better place even for one day.
Now they'd completed their mission they flew back to their real world. The dog is showing the way and they all giggle.

by Betiel Abraham (7)
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, London

Competition - My First Story 2017

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