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Vinnie's Pirate Story

One sunny day Emma and Ben were walking the dog, and suddenly the dog started barking at a magic door hidden in a tree. They opened the magic door and it took them to a fairy island with scary pirates. The pirate's name was Captain Bobby. Captain Bobby wasn't so scary, it was just that he had lost his shiny, glimmering treasure.
Emma and Ben helped Captain Bobby find the lost treasure. It was left in Captain Bobby's boat so they went back to the boat and they started searching for the shiny treasure.
Then two dolphins swam slowly towards Captain Bobby's boat. Emma and Ben jumped onto the dolphins' backs and they led them to the forest.
At the end of the fairy forest they found a beach with an inflatable blue and red boat. They dressed as pirates and sailed the inflatable red and blue boat back to Captain Bobby's boat, just in time for tea.
After tea, Emma and Ben sailed the inflatable red and blue boat back to the fairy forest where they lived and played pirates happily ever after.

by Vinnie Rowan Salt
William Shrewsbury Primary School, Burton-On-Trent

Competition - My First Story 2017

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