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Isabel's Magical Story

...a magical land with a fairy-tale castle with spotty flags, bright pink turrets, giant grey walls and a purple drawbridge with a crown. Emma and Ben and the dog all decided to go and explore the castle.
When they had only taken a few steps they met a fairy called Diamond. She had long blonde, wavy hair with sparkling diamonds shining. She told them about a friendly monster. They turned around and saw the monster. He was called Frankiesaur and told them that he was holding a party at his house. Frankiesaur said, 'Do you want to come?'
The house was in a beautiful village called Perkine which was one mile away from the castle. It was made out of caramel, toffee, Rolos and blackberry bubblegum! 
At midday the party started, there was chocolate cake, red and white balloons, zigzag bunting, incredible presents and rip-roaring party hats. They had lots and lots and lots of fun.
When the party finished Emma and Ben were sad because they had had a monster-mazing adventure.
When they got home they couldn't stop talking about it... but no one believed them!

by Isabel Manrique Lopez
Star Of The Sea RC Primary School, Whitley Bay

Competition - My First Story 2017

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